Joyful music from Norway!


Duo Oktava (cellist Toril Syrrist-Gelgota, violist Povilas Syrrist-Gelgota) and Anders Clemens Øien  introduce their new CD " Dedications" .

The album consists of solo and chamber music for viola, cello and guitar.

The musical language of this album is romantic and melodic, with inspiration from jazz and Norwegian folk music.

Here are some words from composer Kjell Marcussen:

"Throughout the years I have been composing lots of smaller pieces  as gifts for special occasions: weddings, baptism, anniversary....

They are all dedicated to my friends, and therefore the title of the album has got the title  ”Dedications”.

The pieces are just meant to be beautiful music and when I give someone a gift, I  go for the prettiest one "